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Stormor Shelving Solutions

Stormor Shelving Solutions


Stormor Shelving Office Storage Systems

Installers of Link 51 Stormor shelving solutionsWe have been designing, supplying and installing Stormor Shelving systems since it was launched in 2004, as it is a UK manufactured, modular, bolt free alternative shelving system designed specifically to replace the nut and bolted Rolled Edge (now Solo) and British Standard shelving systems (now Mono is the nearest) from the 1950's.
It is an excellent modern bolt-free steel shelving solution for in office storage or office stock rooms particularly for consumables, documents, folders and reference materials that need to be kept close at hand. There are three ranges suitable for the office environment - Stormor Solo - Mono - Duo, all of which use common components such as metal shelves, shelf clips, rear cladding, bracing and accessories and are available in 18 upright height variations, 8 shelf depths and 8 shelf width variations.

Stormor Solo is the most cost effective shelving solution of the three, it has a 700kg capacity per bay and a one piece solid upright with delta safety edge to the front and angled return to the rear, ideal for use to store loose documents, folders and consumables, especially with rear cladding sheets as they create an enclosed shelf to retain loose items.

Stormor Mono shelving solution has individual box shaped uprights at each corner with factory fitted front to rear bracing fixed in between them, it can accommodate heavier loads (up to 1,000kg per bay) and provide open all round shelving to enable easier access from side and rear if the need arises, although mesh cladding is available if you need.

Stormor Duo shelving solution has an improved cosmetic appearance as it has solid two piece uprights with a secondary decorative sheet inside to make the shelving look thicker and more attractive inside the shelving bay as well as like a cupboard from the outside. This is most commonly used in corridors, main offices and areas where customers or other persons will see it.

Stormor Shelving for Record Stores & Stockroom Storage Systems

We have also been designers & installers of Link 51 Stormor shelving in industrial situations such as medical record centres, storerooms, archive centres, rear of store stockrooms, maintenance stores or parts stores especially in manufacturing, automotive, electronic, aerospace and pharmaceutical operations since it was launched in 2004. We prefer to specify these shelving solutions because of the wide choices of upright styles, shelf capacities and accessories provides a flexible, functional, attractive yet very cost effective steel shelving system, but we are also happy to quote on any other shelving manufacturers system such as Dexion shelving, Metalrax, SSI Schaefer Regal etc, if you wish.

Stormor Solo units are the most common used shelving bays for archive storage, medical record storage and general storage, with rear cladding added they can provide an enclosed metal shelf which is ideal to retain small parts and loose items, and you can even add bin fronts and adjustable vertical dividers to create pigeon holes with raised lip on the front of the shelf if the products could potentially roll off the shelving unit.

Mobile Shelving is also available using Stormor Solo shelving units.
Stormor Euro shelving is also available for heavier duty applications, or to build two tier shelving structures in tall enough warehouses.

Any of the Stormor shelving solutions above are sure to meet the needs of even the most demanding office, warehouse, shop or factory environments and are ideal for storing items such as:

  • Archive storage boxes
  • Lloyd George archive boxes
  • Medical records files and X-rays
  • Box files / folders
  • Hanging files
  • Lever arch files
  • On-shelf 'live' or 'soft' files
  • Digital data storage
  • Reference or library books
  • Office Consumables
  • Small Parts or Stocked items
  • And so much more!

Stormor Shelving in Food Processing, Healthcare Storage Systems.

BioCoteReduce the risk of cross-contamination with BioCoteĀ® protected Stormor Shelving!

Stormor Shelving systems are BioCote protected as standard, giving the twin benefits of great industrial / commercial storage solutions with integral anti-microbial technology.

BioCote is the proven, patent-protected coating which inhibits the growth of potentially lethal bacteria and fungi. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination from surfaces with high contact frequency.
Although this is no substitute for correct cleaning practices, the incorporation of BioCote into the manufacturing process provides shelving users with the peace of mind that every effort is being made to maintain a hygienic working environment.

This provides a valuable contribution to hygiene management in healthcare, food processing and retail, as well as other areas where due diligence demands every effort is made to reduce the risk of contamination.

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