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Industrial Angle Shelving

Industrial Angle Shelving


British Standard Industrial Angle Shelving

british standard industrial angle shelving or slotted angle shelvingDeveloped from the original British Standard Shelving - a system tried and trusted since the 1950's industrial angle shelving is also often referred to as slotted angle shelving as it utilises a basic range of components (angle uprights, shelves, bracing, nuts & bolts) which can be assembled to offer cost effective storage solutions from simple single shelving bays to complex multi-tier industrial shelving installations.
Even though it is often called slotted angle shelving the angle uprights do not have slots in them, they usually have one size holes equally spaced up the length of the angle and use M^ domehead roofing bolts / nuts at junctions, joints and to locate the shelves.
If your existing shelving has a series of slots or a hole then a slot in the angle uprights, it is more than likely to be a construction angle system as many manufacturers used to make their own versions of slotted angle shelving and more often than not they are not compatible with any other shelving manufacturer (don't worry though we can still help you if you send us photos).

British Standard Shelving is very flexible, has high loading capabilities and most manufacturers angle shelving is compatible with others because they are based on british standard sizes / specifications which makes it easy to buy and extend / alter as required.
ESE Projects have been designing and installing slotted angle and industrial angle shelving since 1975, with the introduction of boltfree shelving systems around 1990's to early 2000's industrial angle shelving is less common than it used to be, however there is nothing better if you want to build a shelving installation around obstacles like building buttresses / columns, or in areas with varying heights as the angle can be cut to suit, bolted together and used to form odd shaped or sized shelves that you can fix chipboard or timber to instead of using the steel shelves.
By boxing or forming T shape uprights from the industrial angle it is also possible to design and build two tier shelving structures and even steps to access the second floor.
In reality it is a lot like a grown-ups industrial meccano set, but do not mess with it yourself as it is very important to ensure the design is structurally sound and suitable for the imposed loads you are intending to put on it.

Industrial Angle Shelving Systems include:

  • Standard or Heavy Duty Angle shelving uprights
  • MSM Shelves for lighter duties and BSM Shelves for heavier applications
  • Bin fronts to retain goods or Vertical dividers to separate goods on the same shelf
  • Open X braced sides and backs, mesh clad backs or solid sheet steel clad sides and backs
  • Bin units are also available to create pigeon holes from 8 to 72 per bay of shelving

Angle Shelving Finishes / Colours

Standard finish for Industrial Angle shelves, uprights and accessories is Dove Grey.
Optional upright colours that are also available on extended lead time are:

  • Graphite Grey
  • Blue
  • Burgundy
  • Green

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